Thursday, July 13, 2006

Essay at Integral World Website in response to some of these conversations

I got an email this morning from Frank Visser, who runs the Integral World website, devoted to critical examination of the work of Ken Wilber and related topics, letting me know that he's just published an excellent new article by Andy Smith entitled "Afternum Per Tempore: How We Develop to the Non-Dual," that responds to some of the threads of criticism I wrote about Wilber and non-dualism recently, both here on this blog and over at the "World of Ken Wilber" Forum at Lightmind.

Andy Smith's essay is very well-written and worth reading. He has a lot of good ideas about developmentalism and non-dualism, many of which I disagree with, but they are worthy of debate. I intend to write a response over the next few days, and post it both here and to the Integral World website, if Frank agrees.

Also, just to let you know, I've gotten some very good comments here from Friend, Kang, Jimsun and Marko that I want to respond to but am a little short of time. So please be patient. Also, Marko wasn't sure how to respond to these posts, so he just sent me an email. Just to let you and others know, you can simply press the little "comments" link at the end of each post, and write a comment in there. I have the software set up here so that all comments get sent to my email, so I won't miss anything even if it is a response to an older posting. It's better that way, so that others can see what I'm responding to. If it's an older topic, I may post my reply in a new posting to bring it up front, with a link to the original post and its comments. Hope that makes things simpler.

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