Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Blog

A quick note to any readers here, that I've launched a new blog, called "Infinite Waves Of Beauty". Follow the link to catch up any new posts there.


Challenger said...


Just wanted to make a personal observation on Bubba Free John to you.

I was in the community briefly in the mid 70's after about 250 acid trips (I am now 62 and haven't done acid since I was about 25 yrs. old). I have spent a lifetime trying to integrate what I went through both in that community (over several decades in and out) and what I saw (experienced) on acid.

If back then, I had known they were all doing drugs...I would have punched the cocksucker in the mouth when He singled me out to sit with him...and then proceeded to demean me for sport.

Just want you to know, Elais wasn't the "only game in town" with his observations.

If you want to email me: bws507@gmail.com


Alex Peterson said...

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Anonymous said...

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