Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hello out there

All right, I give in.

A few weeks ago I stopped posting on the old Daism Forum, as much to save my sanity as to protect the sanity of others posting and reading there. Since then I've tried to channel my energies into different outlets, but I can't help noticing a persistent impulse to keep my mouth yapping about one thing or another. I remain committed to not posting on the Daism Forum anymore, but I apparently need some kind of outlet for putting my views out there, and this seems the most appropriate one available. So here goes. I have no idea as of yet where this will go, what kinds of posts I will put out, and who on earth will read them, but narcissism seems to have no boundaries, nor does the internet, and thus they seem to make for a perfect marriage.

I can't pretend there's some altruistic motive behind this blog. I'm not here to enlighten anyone, or to be enlightened. Some things just agitate me enough that I have to write about them, and God knows what that will turn out to be from day to day - if this blog even lasts more than a few days. I will probably write about religious and spiritual issues fairly often, but just as likely I will write about political, scientific, artistic and cultural issues. Like many in the blogosphere, I'm a frustrated natural critic and commentater who secretly laments that his views are not accorded the vast esteem and recognition they so richly deserve. Now I can openly lament my condition, and in a fashion that virtually guarantees that hardly anyone will listen. Does anyone actually ever read blogs? We shall see. Or maybe only I will see.

Enough self-deprecation. Time to post something.


...oneLove said...

I'll be checking in to read your blog.

Anonymous said...

"If you were able to put a stop to the mentality in which every thought is running after something, then you would be no different from a Zen master or a buddha. Do you want to know what a Zen master or a buddha is? Simply that which is immediately present, listening to the Teaching. It is just because students do not trust completely that they seek outwardly. Even if they get something by seeking, it is all literary excellence; they never attain the living meaning of the masters."


Hehe, Brother, nice to see you out and about! Jeez, I didn't know you lived in McKinleyville, we were not-too-distant neighbors there for a while, but I left Humboldt for Paradise a few months back. We lived in Carlotta, and the folks who bought our place were from McKinleyville. Lot of rain up your way lately, uh?
Anyway, good luck with your work, I'll stop by when I'm in the cyberhood!


Anonymous said...

best wishes to you, broken yogi.

you have a great and incisive mind that you put to good and helpful use.

you will likely miss the give and take of the forum environment -- such as at lightmind. but Elias does appear to have a dislike for you. personally, i think you could post there occasionally, and avoid E for the most part. but this blog of yours is a great way to save your thoughts for others' benefit.


derek bishop

Mike said...


I gotta figure out how to add
these comments section. (I really
haven't nurtured my own blog.)

Mike said...

You live just north of Arcata!?!?!
(I was raised in Eureka and
went to Humboldt State.)

All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

good show!

Anonymous said...

Hi Broken Yogi,
I will visit you here. Looks like I will learn many things. I, too, am interested in early Christianity. Thanks, Anonymous from the forum (Sheila in Glen Ellen, CA is who I am :-)

Anonymous said...


Glad to see your choice.

The constraints of the form are immediately evident, but that is healthy, no?

This is your space, and I will not be swinging at you here!

Hope to see you in the forum from time to time as well,


Lauren said...

What's all this Enlightenment stuff about then?