Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Love Supreme

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I'm really trying to keep this blog going, but yesterday happened to the 26th anniversary of meeting, on a blind date, my wife Victoria, love of my life and the best thing that's ever happened to me by far. I owe her my human sanity and happiness, and a great deal of whatever spiritual wisdom has fallen upon me by the Grace of the Goddess . Being more in love now than ever before in our twenty-six years together is an amazing gift, and a testament to her patience and obvious saintliness. I don't know who else could have put up with me for this long, which includes patiently letting me post my crazy ideas on the internet without (much) objection to the time and energy I've expended here over the years.

I'm reminded of my favorite quote from Nisargadatta, who when asked by a student if there was anything that was real in this world, replied (I don't have the exact quote, I'm just paraphrasing - if anyone knows the exact quote I'd be very happy if they let me know - I'm pretty sure it's from "I Am That"):

"Yes, the love we feel for one another in this world is real. Everything else we experience here, all objects we see, even the world itself, is unreal, is an illusion of the mind. But the love we feel for one another is real. It is a sign of the Supreme Reality that is our true nature."

To me, that's perhaps the most profound single teaching I've ever read anywhere, from any spiritual teacher. I come back to that teaching time and time again, day after day, as a guiding principle of my life to help me separate my own bullshit from what is real. This world is a strange place, and all of us in it are strange characters, struggling with illusions and reactions to illusions left and right, like children lost in a carnival hall of mirrors. In the midst of all that, however, one thing remains real - the love we find for one another in the midst of it. Sometimes that love is rare and hard to find, and even harder to hold onto, but it's the one thing we have, the one light in the darkness that can lead us out of this maze of mirrors. 

I'm a very lucky man to have found some real love in this world, and I intend to hold that light as high as I can to make my way through this world to the reality it points to. The rest may be an illusion, even my own body and the bodies of those I love, but the love itself is always real, and we should never doubt that.

A Love Supreme

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Randy said...

Congratulations! I think you both got lucky and I wish you many years of happiness together!