Monday, November 23, 2009

New Forum Discussion Site

Unbeknownst to me, a new forum dedicated to discussing the issues raised on this blog has been created by Elias, over at Lightmind, embarrassingly titled “The Broken Yogi Fan Club”. This could prove useful for people who feel they are not wasting enough of their precious time and energy reading my posts here. Now they can indulge themselves even more deeply in the Broken Yogi Experience by engaging in discussions on this new forum. I'm not sure I'll be very active there – the Broken Yogi Experience is for me already a bit overwhelming, taking up most of my waking hours – but I'll definitely read comments and often use them in creating posts here. And please note, despite the ironic and fawning title of the forum, I'm not much interested in fanfare, but in good questions and revealing commentary that helps stimulate understanding. Sometimes these kinds of interactions can lead to a more penetrating insight – the goal of any true samyama.

As a side note, for those of you who are wondering why I'm not replying much to comments here, and other technical problems, I've been experiencing some serious computer and internet problems of late. For some reasons, I can't connect directly to any google sites, including gmail and blogger. So when I post to this blog, I have to write my post separately, email it to myself via a second mail site, then go to another computer, reformat it, and post it to blogger. This is rather a pain in the ass and time-consuming, and it results in some inexplicable formatting problems, such as the font changing without my seeming able to reverse it. Sorry for those problems. My team of technical experts (my two sons) should be with me over the holidays and I hope help me correct these problems. If not, please bear with me.


Elias said...

Ironic -- yes...but fawning? :-)

It occurred to me that folks on the internet are so involved in seeing their own reflection in the flat screen monitor that they are (for the most part) extremely stingy with mutual affection and recognition.

I decided it was time to break the tradition. Thanks for being a good sport about it, pal. And thanks for digging that this sets up a dynamic between our two websites that could prove fruitful.


Mike said...

Next stop: FACEBOOK!

Glenn said...

Facebook? I tried to open a video from a Facebook "friend" and was prompted to upgrade Adobe Flash, like a dumb ass I clicked the upgrade and downloaded the KOOBFACE virus. Moral: be careful what you click on, especially social networking sites.

Helene said...

When the Dalai Lama came to speak in town, quite a few years ago, someone in the audience raised their hand and said:

"Is there too much evil in the world?"

He thought about the question for a moment and then said, without any affect at all:

"No, just enough."