Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Acausal Synchronicity Under Fire From The Karmic Kid

If anyone is interested in following my considerations of acausal synchronicity over at the Lightmind forums, there's an interesting discussion going on at the Buddhism Forum there in which I get to bump heads with Etphon Ehome. No one gets hurt, but it may help answer some questions people might have about this incredibly exciting topic that has the whole internet ablaze with controversy. (Okay, not).


fckw said...

I really don't understand your fascination with the idea of synchronicity. It's just another model of the universe's mechanics, isn't it? Okay, it might be a valid and interesting product of the right brain hemisphere instead of the left one, and thus it certainly has been neglected by mainstream science as an alternative to the current mechanistic dogma - but in the end, it's just another model, isn't it? Why should "synchronicity" (in the meaning you use the term) be more true as a model than causality? In the end, neither causality nor synchronicity are really true. It doesn't help too much, replacing one idea with another if the problem is the making of ideas.

gibbsonline said...


Am I correct that you are anti idea creating? For a detailed scientific understanding of synchronicities take a look at my book about to be published:

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