Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Speaking of Psychic Encounters With Dead Gurus

Last night I had an amusing dream of conversing with Neem Keroli Baba. We were in the backseat of a car and I looked over and saw Neem Keroli sitting next to me, and I thought, wow, I ought to take advantage of this and ask him the Big Question. So I leaned over and asked, "What is the best course for me to take towards realization?" I made it really clear in emphasizing "for me", that I wasn't looking for just general advice, but something specific for me right now in my current state. He looked a bit surprised at the question, and examined me up and down rather thoroughly to see if I was really serious about realization before answering. He finally seemed satisfied and said that the most important thing for me to do was to rely entirely on grace. I should surrender to grace, and let grace take me wherever it would. He indicated that it would probably even take me somewhere far away in the world, even in purely physical terms. I asked if that meant India, and he said maybe. It sounded like he didn't want to give me too much info, as that would defeat the purpose of relying on grace.

I asked him about Lakshmana and Saradama, and he said they were good people but he didn't really think they were my Gurus. He suggested that there might be someone else in the general vicinity of Arunachula who might be good to see, but he wouldn't offer a name or place. He just said something about monkey Gurus, which made me wonder if there was a Hanuman connection. Then I told him I had been involved with Adi Da for over twenty-five years, and he just laughed and repeated, "Twenty-five years? That must have taken its toll!" He said something like, another ten and I'd really have been wrecked.

He also recommended that I do a little yoga and some fasting, particularly before my trip. By this time we had arrived at our destination and were sitting down at a table and eating a meal, and the conversation continue on for a while. The great thing about Neem Keroli Baba was just how relaxed and ordinary he was, and how humorous his take on things was. His message about grace was simply spot on and exactly in line with my own recent considerations about practice.

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Anonymous said...

As you have well said below regarding Elias. This may equally apply to this other gentleman from what we can see.

"I should also make it clear that though I describe Elias as something of a "spiritual narcissist", this doesn't make him an altogether bad or un-spiritual person. It's just an unfortunate personal trait that tends to undermine his ability to relate to others, and I think it also interferes with his understanding of spirituality altogether".