Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Just a quick note to say that I'm sorry if I haven't been able to follow up on the last series of posts, or on the new politics forum. I've been very busy moving, and will be mostly out of commission for another week or so. By the end of the month things should be settled down and I ought to be able to do more posting as intended, and to announce some new writing plans I have in mind for the future, using these blogs as ground zero for feedback. Thanks to those who check in every now and then to see if I'm active here, and to those who just seem to drop in out of nowhere. Ho'oponopono to you all.


Anonymous said...

We are being patient, very patient.

Layman Pascal said...

Hiya. I've been mulling over all this Adi Da business and find I'm holding the following simultaneous hypotheses. I wonder if there are any obvious one's I've left out?

The SIMPLE GOD-MAN MODEL -- A naive reading of Adidam literature presents historical facts concerning the uniquely perfect manifestation of the Divine in human form. This manifestation is so perfect that ever act, no matter how apparently wonderful or awful, can only be accurately understood as a pure teaching event. The Avater is inherently faultless & sublime in every way.

The COMPLEX GOD-MAN MODEL -- Although the Divine has made a unique and progressive manifestation through the vehicle of Franklin Jones he is still subject to the moodiness of the normal human body, communication difficulties and possibly an inaccurate theory concerning the optimal means of transmission of the new supreme dharma. A true messiah but a flawed and humanly limited approach to assisting others.

The SIMPLE SCAM model -- Franklin Jones is just a clever con man taking advantage of the “guru game” to keep himself fed, flattered & fucked.

The SOCIOPATHIC SAINT model -- An impressive degree of spiritual and cognitive development is accompanied by a narcissistically-compromised or otherwise undeveloped social psychology. The part of the brain-heart system responsible for validating the concerns of others and taking them mutually into account is damaged or developed only to a pre-conventional / barbaric level.

The DARK SHAMAN model -- Franklin Jones is a skilled but amoral sorcerer who knowingly operates a manipulative energetic and magical game under the guise of religion. He is a etheric-astral super-absorber who takes everything from whomever is near him.

The TRANSPERSONAL VORTEX model -- Franklin Jones attempted, and succeeded, in jettisoning his own sense of self. Now only a virtual personality remains and the organism is operated entirely as a kind of transpersonal vacuum which cannot find its identity. It shifts constantly between a residual sense of memory associated with the verbal brain, a collective human identity (the One Being) and the identities of whoever is near it. Emotional and subtle energies fall into this quasi-person and are amplified and spun back. He has no control over this process because, as he honestly admits, “he” basically has no self-hood.

The REALITY-LIQUIDATION model -- The paradoxical condition of Reality prior to social and cognitive forms is dramatically pervasive thru the Franklin Jones body-mind. Thus almost every move re-produces the drastic ambiguity of reality as it unwinds itself into dynamic contradictions. It literally is impossible for this energy, in its raw form, to not cause confusion, chaos, uncertainty, paradox, etc. It just meanders from name to name, form to form, emotion to emotion, action to action, claim to claim, trying express itself by demonstrating “irregular & intensified self-contradiction”.

The ALTERNATE DHARMA model -- Franklin Jones is correct in claiming that his realization is unique in that it is an alternate and, from the conventional viewpoint, pathology-simulating, state of being produced by his idiosyncratic meditative self-investigations. For example, he deactivated all psychic receptivity sensations and exists now as a pure output machine (i.e. “totally relational”). Or he might have realized a perfect condition of feeling that he already has “it” no matter what his degree of sanity or spiritual development. His teaching consists of a philosophical argument that his particular mutation is the hidden achievement toward which traditional religion is oriented.

The ARCHETYPAL POSSESSION model -- The “Lord” archetype saw the opportunity of a clever individual willing to throw himself away and switched itself out for his sense of Self.

\m said...

IMO, he was all of the above, at different times...plus someone whose sense of "right livelihood" was severely distorted!

Siddha Buddha said...

Hey, hope you remember me, just wanting to stop by and see how you have been. I appeared at light-mind forums many years ago, when you weren't so long winded (Da Fire: Jared J. Kimble:


:D My email


It would be really nice to hear from you in an email. Peace.

Siddha Buddha said...
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Broken Yogi said...

Further notes:

Sorry to anyone actually trying to follow this blog for the delays in my postings. I am still in a lot of transitions and moves on all planes - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All very good. It's now set that I will be living in the Mt. Shasta are for at least the next two years, which should be very peaceful and give me lots of time to write.

I'm gearing up to write books over the next few years, and I will probably be posting parts and pieces here for comment and input, etc. That will probably be in a month or two. Most of my energies will be directed there. But I may also post on assorted topics, and even poltics again over at the Broken Yogi Politics blog.

And yes, Jared, I remember you from the Daism forum. Hope you are doing well. I'm a bit busy right now but will email you in a few weeks when I'm settled in Shasta.

Layman Pascal, that was an awesome comment on Adidam, pretty right on, but again, I'm pretty busy for now, and also not much inclined towards commentary on Da-related issues, as it's increasingly irrelevant to what I'm up to. (And it seems pretty irrelevant to what most people are up to as well). Now and then I check in to see what's going on there, but not much interesting it seems. Even Elias' forums are pretty empty these days it seems, which is all probably for the good. Tke times they are a'changing.

Jared J Kimble said...


This is a link to my blog. I just started it in August. Feel free to stop by and read. God Bless you BY. Hope to hear from you soon. I know your not responding here, which is cool. Just wanted to share this....


Anonymous said...

Hi Conrad,
Im an ex devotee of a few years now.
I left Naitauba after a year there in
2005. It was excruciating, but paradoxically perfect. It gave me the impulse to leave. My discrimination could no longer stay on hold. Ive been through much around, blaming the community, cultism, quandra mai, etc
and finally looking at the guru himself, which was when everything unravelled. Ive tried to connect with authentic spiritual sources and have a great affinity with dzogchen. But i still feel something sick and wounded in me, the loss of friends, the degradation of my past, the betrayal of trust, my own foolishness, all are aspects of it,
but there is something I cant seem to shake. Your voice was the only one that perfectly articulated all that I had thought. I hope you can spare a moment to help. Id be happy to call you at my expense and your convenience if at all you're inclined.
PS my wife is in the same boat.

many thanks

Broken Yogi said...


I appreciate your situation, and you have my sympathies for all the difficulties you and your wife must be going through. I don't know if I can help, but I'd be happy to talk to you. If you email me at conradg@gmail, I can give you my phone number. (Would rather not post it here). Or we can just email each other, whichever you prefer.

Best wishes,


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

..Adi da was Great there is no doubt - But i wonder why the congregartion is so uptight - very choosy about its membership and who can go to the Island - i also wonder why they do not have a succession for someone to take over - a line of disciples - i think it would be good if they were more open to the world - allowed more access to the public....

Anonymous said...

...all it takes is the realization of "Relationship" - we are all related to the Guru and the Infinite - the Divine itself - thus anyone can reach Union or Yoga - anyone can be the Guru - in one interconnected Reality...

Challenger said...

A million years ago lived a Guru named Adi Da among other incarnations in the same body. A million years ago, I was a 20 year old kid who approached. A million years ago, I could see through the bullshit in my first month in the Community. A million years ago, I spent a lifetime coming and going from the Community. It was always the same result...what was in the Teaching was never what was going on in reality within the Community.

Guess I never got the message. July 28, 2016.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the point - to see beyond the Bullshit - all the bullshit - all the limitations - i mean adi da is only One of the gurus - he's like a piece of the Puzzle...why are there "limitations" - isn't that part of the game...Adi da was interesting

John said...

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